Here I am stuck in exams and thought about to write something casual just like ‘me’. I am no great writer with strong vocab nor good presentation skills. While reading blog of various of my friends and colleagues , which are very interesting piece of their art of writing. Salute to their presentation skills ! I personally believe that truly writing is a great weapon as said ‘Pen is mightier than sword’ !  But whatever you think of in your writings ..the views and everything should be implemented in our own lives too… ! Like if a blogger writes ‘Be the change’ then it should also be seen in your own personal life.. The trying should be atleast be done a bit. It is great to inspire others to move on, but it makes real sense when even the writer does so. I am no critic here, its just a thought that provoked my mind… like ‘People have 2 faces’ . This is the era of doing so I guess. The people without social networking accounts are considered to be dull and not updated, but some of them may actually having a real and enjoyable social life. And some showcasing the pictures of good social life might be facing a tough social life; that’s sad irony. Why can’t everyone be genuine with whatever they have. Each and every person is born with unique talent , and everyone is facing their part of karma. So why to be somebody else… like one should showcase their talent but tying to be someone else and comparing will lead you no where.. And more overly it will bring you true happiness. Love what you are ! You’re one of a kind ! Crazy selfish funkie …blah blah.. but that’s real YOU ! And there is no one like you in universe ! Accept yourself & Go Miles !  And always remember :Just-Be-You   Continue reading “A Casual Thought !”